Online Cybersecurity Leadership Training

The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy is an online 12-week collaborative readiness program led by CISOs and experienced thought leaders who deliver a proven framework and insights on leading and securing an organization most critically important assets. This program equips participants to become the most effective cybersecurity leader possible. A Cyber Defense Manager and graduate from the program described it this way: “The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership course was comparable to “drinking from a firehose.” When all is said and done, I have a comprehensive cybersecurity leadership body of knowledge to reflect and integrate into my best practices.”  Another graduate, a Senior Security Engineer, had this to say: “Today, I had my quarterly performance review, and my manager stated that he noticed a marked improvement in my performance.  Most notably, there was a dramatic improvement in my business communication skills. This improvement was a direct result of applying what I learned from this course.  Thanks for making me a better leader.”

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Key Challenges

Information security is no longer a peripheral focus for organizations. In the wake of massive breaches to Fortune 500 companies with costs in the billions of dollars, cybersecurity is an essential element of protection for enterprise organizations, universities, public utility companies, and government agencies alike.

Most organizations have a risk management plan to protect their data, employees, customers, and brand, but over 80% say they need to do more, with the most significant need being for the soft skills of leadership.

Every information security officer and risk manager desires to do more for their teams when it comes to leadership development. They want their analysts and other security personnel to become not only trusted business partners but also—importantly—leaders for the business.

Our Solution

The Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership Academy develops your risk managers, cybersecurity professionals, and teams what it means to think and act as a cybersecurity leader. Session topics include the following